Opening for Traci Skene & Brian McKim at the Comedy Works in Bristol

This past weekend, I had a great opportunity to perform with Traci Skene and Brian McKim, co-creators, editors & publishers of Shecky Magazine at the Bristol Comedy Works. It was definitely one of most fun weekends I had working with at the club and with the very funny Comedians!

Night 1

Friday started as a long drive day. I enjoy driving, even though it was lonely 5 hour drive, I enjoyed my podcasts and the scenery of Central PA. I would like to take a more scenic, less Turnpikey, way into the Philadelphia area. Once I made it in, I had a bit of time to myself. After getting accosted by some Indian gentlemen at a Coffee store about how great India was, I made it to the Club. The Comedy Works at Bristol is within Gorgine’s Restaurant, which also has a banquet hall. It’s a great little room with a nice little stage and backdrop. The room is small enough to have a really intimate show. I got a chance to speak to the owner and chat with him about Comedy and more. Traci & Brian came and hung out for a while we had a very nice conversation about Comedy, their move to Vegas, Design and more. They are very down to earth and easy to talk to people.

On stage, I had a blast. Since it was an intimate setting I got play around with the crowd a little bit with my set. I did material I felt very confident about, and for the most part it went pretty well. There were a few parts of silence but that’s okay, because I embrace the silence for a bigger punch. After my set, Traci had a great set, with some great, crowd work. Brian headlined the night and had a great set! After Traci’s set, I got a bit of advice. Traci suggested waiting for the laughs when they come and slowing down my set so I’m not stepping of myself. This is something I tend to do when I get nervous about how long I’ve been on stage or when I get over excited about the crowd. Brian had great set, and had the crowd howling. After the show, we got some photos taken with some of the audience members and met some great folks that we interacted with during the show. They were a fun bunch to hang out with! Lets do it again on Saturday night!

Night 2

Saturday, I decided to take in Philadelphia and walk around the city. It’s a beautiful city, and part I was in, near the Delaware River, was tightly knit, with small stores and homes. I got to see the Liberty, the American Jewish History Museum and be overwhelmed by all the food at Redding Terminal. To cap off my day, I got to see a great lecture in front of a CVS about…honestly, I’m not sure what it was about, but it sure was loud. I enjoy my day in Philly.

The last night of the weekend was an interesting one. My night started off by meeting the Guest Comedian, Andrew Spasato, and his friends Jeremy & Chrissy. I had a blast with them, sharing stories. I also got a chance to hang out with Brian McKim a bit more about Comedy, Shows and everything in between. I learned a lot from speaking with Brian, about where to take my career and so on. The crowd was a bit weird that night. Most of the laughter came from the back of the room, while front gave all the Comedians a quiet smile, at best. That usually throws off Comedians when they can’t see laughter, but I took Traci’s advice to and took my pauses to realize where the laugher was. Post show, I got to hang out with Jeremy, Andrew and their friends for a bit. It turned out to be a great night!

I very much enjoyed my weekend at the Bristol Comedy with Brian & Traci. I hope to come back again and continue working with Brian and Traci in the future. Be sure to check out Shecky Magazine and read more about Stand Up Comedy and pick Traci’s book there too!