The Return of the Noodlebowl Comedy Show at the BBT

I want to thank everyone that was out at the Noodlebowl Comedy Show this past Friday at the Bloomfeild Bridge Tavern! The show was a great success! The night started off with me and Mark Mammone fiddling with the sound system and making it some what work. After a little help from the staff, we were ready to start the show! I had a bit of rocky set. I decided to a few things that I hadn’t done in a while that I wanted to bring back in rotation. But the crowd was very energetic and that helped carry the show through. Chris & Mark opened up the show and they were fantastic! They really got the crowd going. Ray brought the house down and got everyone ready for Justin’s set. I had fun with my impromptu introductions (yes there were multiple) for Justin. Justin’s set was fantastic! By the end of the night the crowd was happy and so were we! I look forward to the next show on December 21 at the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern. So definitely stop by and have a great time!