Busted Road Gig

This past week I had a rough show, after a month or two of some of the most fun shows I’ve done. It out in Conneautville at a biker bar know as Fatboy’s Saloon. The place had a small stage with a enough seating up front, to the back and at the bar, and created a pretty intimate setting for the folks in the front. My set started out okay, with mixing in a bit more crowd work than used to in my sets. By the time the end of my set was rolling through, the set hit it’s lull and my set started getting quite smiles and stares. I decided to wrap my material and mix a bit more crowd work and introduce the closer.

The mistake I made was not to end big, which leaves the set in a bad sense. I usually try to end with a stronger bit that has a conclusive feel to the story I’m weaving. But this set did not. Because of that I got a bad review, and moved off the list for that show. Of course as I got off the stage I realized what bit I should’ve closed on and where I should’ve taken more or less of risks. Despite all that I did have fun in the beginning and middle of my set, going into the crowd and amping up my crowd work. On to the next one I suppose.