For the Sake of Pop Tarts

As of November 2012, both Washington & Colorado have legalized the use of Marijuana as well as the possession of up to 1 ounce of the substance. This is a big win in the battle of marijuana legislation. Despite the fact that on a state level this is legal on a federal level it is not. This creates a catch-22, despite the fact that 51% of Americans don’t want a federal interference over marijuana laws.

In my opinion, marijuana has never really hurt too many people. We still legalize alcohol and that has done more damage than any pot related crime. There’s always a story about “Jimmy drank & drove and ran into a tree and killed a moose.” This is a terrible way to control the moose population in the country and isn’t a green solution at all. The Canadians have a fantastic way of controlling moose populations with just 3 Mounties and a bottle of maple syrup.  With marijuana, you’re never going to hear a story like the aforementioned one. There’s never a story that states “Young Timmy had his pinky bitten by pothead because he had a candy bar in his hand.

Most times after smoking some pot (or weed, depending on what you’d like to call it), most people go their suppy of Pop Tarts and enjoy the film Speed Racer. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the last few months, sales of Speed Racer and Pop Tarts & Nabisco products has skyrocketed in Washington and Colorado.

I do think legalizing marijuana will start to end racism in this country. I say that we deliver pot brownies to the KKK. No one can me hateful when their high, especially not their dealer. So I say smoke up Coloradoans and Washingtoners, hopefully the other 48 will catch up soon.