Warm Laughter in a Cold City

I had the pleasure in the last week to work with Spark Mann and Janet Williams (along with some very cool Minneapolis Comedians) in Minnesota this past weekend. The first show as at River City Extreme in Monticello, MN with Spark Mann. They were a small crowd, but they were great. They did what most small crowds I’ve faced do, which is laugh very quietly and put their hands over their mouths. I had a blast with my set, watching the front table’s reactions and going off “script” a bit more. Spark Mann had a great set! It was a blast and I hope to share the stage again with him again. The second show as at the Joke Joint Comedy Club, close to St. Paul MN. I got the opportunity to meet some of the local Minneapolis/St. Paul Comedians, Xchel & Joleene, that were very funny. I had a blast with this small club crowd. The Joke Joint is one of the coolest clubs I’ve performed at, that is similar to small, intimate theater. Janet Williams (aka the Tennessee Tramp) crushed it with some great crowd work and making a special show for a smaller crowd. I hope to share the stage with her in the future as well! Hopefully, I’ll be back in the area in the near future, perhaps when it’s warmer.

I want to send a big thanks to my good friend Sid and Sunny. Sid for providing me a place to crash and both of those guys for supporting me and the art of Stand Up.