Battle for the Green Card

The issue of immigration has been on the buzz lately. So much so that it has developed a group of 8 Senators, both Republicans & Democrats working on a bill, called the Group of 8. It’s a lame Political Superhero name but it works. Of course, this has and will continue to cause riotous issues amongst the conservatives & liberals, the Democrats & the Republicans. Some people have even said few things that sound like they are looking for a fight against Immigrants.

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) is one of the 8 that is in the public eye at the moment. He has been called Naïve and Sean Hannity has called his proposal “interesting”. This is much better past plans the Republicans have come up with, such a fence, a wall, an electrified fence, patrolling jeeps with Bears & Crossbows.  The Reform plan is a great upgrade from what we have seen in the past.

Working together with Democrats definitely helps Republicans see immigrants, legal or otherwise, as people and not targets. Of course coming up with a reform plan has sparked the issue of enforcement and guarding the borders of this country. Remember Berlin, circa 1950, when there was a wall, and sure at first it seemed like a great idea, but after a while (and more graffiti than a bridge in Los Angeles), people tore it down. I honestly can’t believe that I’m going to say this, but we can all learn from the Germans by definitely not building a giant wall around the borders of this country! My rash statement should show certain Republicans how rash their statements were.

The reform plan gives a second chance to the illegal immigrants that are here. Rubio has come out and said the status of the illegal immigrants undermines the ones that go through the process legally. Thems sound like fightin’ words! Showdown on the Rio Grand, Legal vs. Illegals! Who can break the wall down! Here’s a hint, probably the legal ones!

On top of this Hannity believes that they are just giving citizenship away like free condoms at a Community College. Nothing dealing with immigration in this country is easy, legal or otherwise. I’ve been through the process and survived, but it wasn’t without the challenges. “Hey, before you get your Green Card, we need more of your blood to make sure you don’t’ have the same condition as Bruce Banner or aren’t a candidate for the Super Solider program.”  The path to citizenship for either legal or illegal immigrants is hard and this new bill just lets the illegals try to get into the running. I suppose the race is on (now that’s a good pun).

Immigration Reform