Worst Words to be Said on V-Day

Valentine’s Day is a commercial day to celebrate your love (#duh). A year or so back, my then girlfriend and I decided to catch a romantic movie, starring of course the heart throb, Channing Tatum, called The Vow. I say he’s a heart throb because I’m man enough to admit that he’s a beautiful man (along with Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds). To preface, for anyone who hasn’t seen the Vow, its a movie about a married couple who’s in love and the wife loses her memory and Channing Tatum has to win her back! While watching, and probably crying, the Vow, I heard the worst few words to be said on Valentine’s Day. It was this skinny black teenager that turned to his assumed girlfriend and said “Yo, if you forget who I is, I be like ‘Bitch you crazy’ and bounce out this mofo! You knaw what I’m sayin’” To my surprise, the girl didn’t slap, but giggled and hugged him. I guess that’s what love is? I’m not really sure what the moral is, but I’m going to assume those were worst things you could say on V-Day and it proves my most teenage “loves” are dumb.