Grahams, Guns, & Germany

Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) is pushing back against the call for better gun laws and regulations only because he enjoyed the, critically described, Slave revenge movie, Django Unchained. Because both those things have a lot to do with each other; clearly a movie about Slavery in the 1800s had a lot of relevancy to Gun control issues in 2013. Good thing there hasn’t been a major industrial & technological boom, along with racial movements in the last 100 years.  Oh yeah and Senator Graham owns an AR15 Rifle too. With this statement its like he’s trying arm (#zing) the stereotype of the gun-toting Southerner, and then disarm the first statement with the second half of the statement.

The President talked about getting better background checks and better gun laws, which in my opinion should be a focus of this debate. Mental care, especially when it comes to gun control has been lacking.

Lets talk about the gun that Senator Graham owns. This gun had some financial issues before being sold to the Military as the M-16 Rifle. Most young kids will have to refer to Call of Duty or Halo to see what the M-16 is, that is if your blasphemed video games haven’t been burned and sent to hell, by the opposition of the Senator’s claims.

The Senator says that we need high-capacity magazines and rifles are needed to protect our families. Really? I’ve been a part of my family for a long time and never have been in a situation thinking “You know what would be get me out of this life threatening situation? A semi-automatic rifle with high capacity rounds!” If I’m ever in that much danger, that my only solution is using a semi-automatic rifle, my thoughts would be focused on the poor life decisions I’ve made to get here.

As an American I’m sure you’re wondering, “Hey, what’s the rest of the world have to say about the AR-15?” Australia, a country founded as giant jail for British Prisoners, limits the license of this weapon to Law enforcement and people dealing with large crazy animals in the Outback. It’s a little embarrassing that a country founded by felons realized it doesn’t it’s citizens to have Military grade weapons for no reason. Austria makes you pass a psychological evaluation, but I think this primarily to make sure no gun owner is going to repeat history, and cause the country to get another black eye. That and they also allow it for Hunting purpose, which means that Austria may still have Dragons and Mythical creatures floating around. Germany, Italy and Finland do let people carry the semi-automatic permitting they have a license. Now I ask you, are we really going to the same thing as Germany and Italy? Has their track records really been all that great that we can even say “Well Germany’s doing it?” In that case I must retort with “Well if Germany decided to jump off a bridge, would we?