Return to the Coffee Shops

When I first started doing Comedy, I started out in High School Auditoriums and Coffee Shops. There was one in particular that I would frequent every week, and perform in between a friend’s band and have even set up my shows in. It’s an environment that I was very fond of and enjoyed. Why do I bring this up? Because this past Friday, I was a on a great show at a local Coffee Shop, for a show organized by a good friend of mine.

This past Friday, I was on the BrewHaHa Comedy Show at Brew on Broadway, which is a non-profit effort to revitalize the Beechview Community. This was put together my good friend & fellow Comedian, Zach Funk! The show featured myself, Ray Zadwodni, Dan Jenniches & Ed Bailey. I have to say that this one of the best shows that I’ve been on in Pittsburgh. The packed house brought in a great honest crowd that definitely made you earn their laughter. Ray, Dan & Ed had killer sets and kept the crowd energized throughout the show. Despite a slow start to my set I was still able to keep them on board with my set and wrap up the show! It definitely took me back to the days when I would get 10 minutes on a Friday night at age 15 trying to work out new material, and the reactions from those crowds. A big thanks to Andre and the folks at Brew on Broadway and to the Big Funky (aka Zach Funk).

Coffee houses maybe one of my favorite places to perform, not only because of the nostalgia factor but also because the crowds are pretty great (for the most part).