When in DC…

This past week or so, I was in the DC/MD/VA area performing on a few shows and getting myself introduced to the scene. I had the opportunity to meet some great people and be on some great shows.

Drink Till We’re Funny at Hightopps Bar & Grille: This is a room run by T Brad Hudson in Timmonium, MD. It reminded a little of a bar that my friends and I used to frequent in the college. The show is set up in a back room behind the bar. It was a fun room that can easily fit 50-100 people in there. I was able to polish some of my newer material there as well. It was great show.

Underground Comedy at Townhouse Tavern: This is one of the rooms run by Pittsburgh native, Sean Joyce. This room is in the basement of the bar and looks like a dingy punk rock room. It’s one of coolest looking rooms I’ve been in and is great for Comedy. It’s small, personal and intimate and by the middle of the show, the bar was getting packed with a short amount of people. I got the chance to go off the cuff a bit more here since it was a small room, which I always enjoy. The bartender, Jerry and a few other people had good things to say about my set, which is a boost to the ol’ self esteem.

Potomac Grille in Rockville, MD: This is a room run Rob Maher is set up as a great room to workout to new material. The restaurant is pretty swanky and is mostly gathering of Comedians. A few people trickle in throughout the show, but its a room to have some new material worked out. In the spirit of that, I was able to get some brand new material kicked out, mixed with some stuff that I’ve been working on throughout the month.

Green Room at the Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse in Arlington VA: This is a showcase run at the Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse by Rahmein Mostafavi! It was packed show in a small intimate room with a great crowd! I had a blast there and all the Comedians brought the house down! Courtney Fearrington had to go up right after a gentlemen proposed to his now fiance, which was an interesting experience. But he kept the momentum of the room going and had a great set!

Brittany’s in Lake Wood, VA: This was an Open Mic at in a large back room of Brittany’s Restaurant. It’s set up as an intimate show with a small stage. This is one of the later shows in the area, and I definitely went up late. But that didn’t really matter, the crowd was still on board and ready for more Comedy. I had pretty decent set, and was able to almost nail down a newer chunk of material.

I hope this is not last time I’m in this area. I would love to come back to get on more showcases and mics in the future for my eventual move to this area. Thank you to all those who had me on their shows!