+1 at the Arcade Comedy Theater

It’s official, the Arcade Comedy Theater is one of my favorite venues in Pittsburgh to perform! It’s right up there with Hambone’s, James Street Gastropub & Speakeasy and the Corner Cafe. I had the pleasure of performing at the Arcade this past Saturday with Wunderstudies on the early show and the Writers Room on the late show! The room is very intimate and makes it a great space to go off the cuff and create a unique set.

The first show went great! The crowd was mostly on board and was made a pretty special show with a Indian Girl right up front! For that’s always fun, since she basically affirm everything I say. The Wunderstudies and Nolen & Nolen crushed it. I had never seen a Improvised Musical, Wunderstudies brought it home! It was very original and special show!

The second show was a bit smaller of crowd, but they were very cool. The Writers Room created some really great multi-leveled Improv scenes including one of my bits. That was really awesome for me to see my material taken a whole new direction!

If you haven’t caught a show at the Arcade Comedy Theater, go see one soon! They are great!