Racism is something that has always been prevalent in my life, and for the most part its always seen to be a bad thing. I embrace racism because I embrace my race and creed for all its worth and done. Racists are needed in this world to make every minority to feel more individualistic and cultural. When most white people take part in a cultural activity such as going to see a foreign film or a full Spanish play or eat at an Indian restaurant, it makes them feel like they are a part of something bigger and more eclectic. That’s because the racists have knocked it down with sayings like “Oh ‘dems just taking good playwright jobs from hardworking Americans, like that Bob down the street.”

Being a minority in a country like the U.S. is like being an Indie Band that only a few college kids know about and when you start getting air play the mainstream bands getting territorial.  Most racism is base in nature; meaning they aren’t really looking too deep into the culture for specific stereotypes and racial cues. Racists are like the Ke$ha (I died a little spelling that) of the Ignorance world, in that you hear the same thing over and over and over again. And if they can’t come up with a reason to hate you they just tell you go back to your own country, which has always been my favorite thing to say in this country. To which I only have one reply: “What country were your grandparents kicked out of? All of them? Okay great, can you just bag up my groceries and go back to your minimum wage existence there, Hank!” Almost every person in the U.S. is from elsewhere to create this mix of a country. This country is like a Toyota Dealerships, everywhere you look there’s just hybrids.

But its not just white people who are racists, there are plenty of minorities that racists too. The same principles apply; they all think white people are evil and here to steal our souls through the use of photography and social media. I understand the foreign racism, because as an Indian, I know that my people are incredibly racist, even to their own people. Similar to how New Yorkers, and folks North of the Mason Dixon, are embarrassed of Rednecks, there’s a rift between various sects of Indians. But all that is overcome when you bring in how they feel about white folk. This was evident to me when I was in a relationship with white girl and we’d go to Indian restaurants and I would get the stink eye. Even though they brought some of their “Bros” from their fraternity to enlighten them in the aforementioned cultural experience. I usually want to go up these guys and say “Hi, I just wanted to remind you that you’re parents are disappointed in you too. Remember your dad had his Ph.D by this age. So enjoy going through life being mediocre, playing halo with Trevor and being afraid of girls. I’m going to enjoy dinner with very attractive girl.” This is not a problem for me anymore. It’s evolved to when I’m going to let my parents pick me a wife.

There are some people that say, we live in a Post-Racial World, and those people are the Racist of the Future (or Racists 3.0). These are the people that claim racism doesn’t exist anymore and its something we should just forget about and sweep under the rug, and then they awkwardly try to hug the only foreigner they invited to their party. Those are most clever of racists, because they make you believe they are transcending something only to open up a barrage of crazy racists statements and end with the gem, “It doesn’t matter though, we are all the same. Race doesn’t exist” There is no Post-Racial world, only new ways to say “I’m not racist but…

There are plenty of people who are very sensitive about the issue of race. Most of these people are minorities in some fashion. They get very distraught, enraged and upset when the idea of racial stereotypes is brought up. I’ve been on the receiving end of those onslaughts. To them I’d like to say the best way to negate the racial statements is embrace it and point out the flaws and stereotypes of whatever shitty race the other person is. Embrace who you are and no one because you can’t change that and that may as well be your strength and disarm the bigots. With that said, I will never embrace being called “Aziz Ansari.