Latitude 40 & Bob Golub

About 2 weeks ago I got the opportunity to Host the show at the Latitude 40 Comedy Club with Bob Golub. Both show were a blast! The Friday night crowd was smaller than Saturday night’s but they were both ready to laugh and were great crowds. I had a great time hanging out with Bob Golub and Bill Scott. The Comedy Club is set up like a Theater with a large high stage, but the seating is set up like a Comedy Club that allows you to get into a bit of crowd work if needed. Bill did some really great crowd work that kept the audience howling! Bob is one of those guys that has several conversations with you in a short time, he just keeps it moving. He’s a incredibly nice guy who works on craft constantly and is very funny. I’m looking forward to the next I get the chance to work with Bob Golub and at Latitude 40.