HEADLINING: An Evening of Comedy at Club Cafe

New Show Announcement

This one is big one guys. I’m Headlining a show at Club Cafe on May 24th, 2013 at 10pm. This is my first official hour that I’m doing and will be a culmination of the material I’ve worked on and been performing on the road and around for the last year. I’ll also be getting rid of about 30 minutes of materials after this show, meaning there’ll 30 minutes of material that you won’t hear from me again. I’m very excited about getting this show and getting everyone out to this! This is going to be a big show for me.

The show will be hosted by my good friend, Zach Funk who’s been hosting the BrewHAHA at Brew on Broadway as well as Guest hosted the Hambone’s Open Mic. The show will also John Ralich from Wierton Opening up. John has done a lot for Comedy in the WV area and has been working around Pittsburgh for a while as well. Dan Jenniches will be the feature on this show. Dan is a good friend of mine and is a great Comedian around town and in the region. In the last 2 years he’s come up to be a great writer and one of the best Comedians in Pittsburgh.

I hope to see you all at the show on May 24th at 10pm at Club Cafe! You can get tickets online, HERE, or from one of the Comedians on the show. Be sure to check out the show on Facebook as well. See you at this show!

An Evening of Comedy with Krish Mohan at Club Cafe