Gym Advisory Board

I’m a fairly skinny gentlemen meaning that I get advice from Fat dudes about helping me out with my “weight problem”. This usually would occur when I was a frequent of the gym. Now I would go to the gym for an hour or so, but my metabolism was too high for me gain weight. I would eat and my body would just go “Good one! Burn it up!” But while I would be at the gym, Fat dudes would love to give me advice on how gain weight. “You know what you should do, Krish…” is probably not take advice from you, it just seems counter productive. I feel like I should be the one giving the advice, like firstly don’t bring a cake into the gym.

I love food and eating, but I definitely don’t want to hit a weight where I can’t tell what my toes looks like or being out of breath by walking from the car door to the front door. I always fear larger dudes when they look at me like a sandwich, and not only that but they have last year’s turkey dinner stuck in their beard. It’s like they are gathering for the coming winters. I think it’s usually a good time to stop and put the fork when forming a sentence is like a full workout. “Hey…Krish…Let…Me…Tell…You…Someth…” You know what, it doesn’t matter what you had to tell, because whatever it was isn’t that important. Because if you croak, I don’t think we have big enough stretchers to carry to from the couch to the door to the ambulance. These are all reasons why I don’t really make it into the gym all too often. Fat dudes, cakes and sometimes both men and women laugh at my tiny shorts, but that’s besides the point!