For Bobby

It’s been 3 years since my best friend Bobby passed away. In last 2 years I’ve taken this day to find out what everyone around me wanted to do, whether it was a just see each other or get together or just see my now ex. This year I’m by myself, getting myself ready to do 2 sets at a very beautiful Comedy Club. I can only hope I’m on the right path, or at least the path that Bobby envisioned me to take. He is one of the reason I push myself harder to be better and take every opportunity that comes my way. He was always there for me and came to every show. I really do hope that I’m making him proud. I miss him terribly and think about him quite a bit. Bobby was a very important part of my life and the one of the next steps I take in my stand up is talking about him and material inspired by that. It’s been 3 years, and a lot of things have changed with the circle we used to run in. Relationships have broken, some still exist but others are unfixable, but I hope that no matter what happens we aren’t disappointing him. This is the first year the sun is out on his death anniversary, so that’s got to mean something right?

I miss you, Bobby.