For God…Dios…Allah…Oparh…’s Sake

Earlier this month, the Pledge of Allegiance was recited in Arabic at Rocky Mountain High School. This has stirred up quite a bit of controversy over the translation of the word “God” to “Allah”. So much so that Principal Lopez, of Rocky Mountain High School, has taken a lot of heat for having the Pledge recited in Arabic. But they have recited the Pledge in both French and Spanish to show the diversity in their school. The backlash has caused threats and angry phone calls to Principal Lopez who was looking to do something positive in his school. In a country that is still considered a Melting Pot, having this sort of mentality is ludacris (not the rapper).

The major is that the students that recited the Pledge of Allegiance and translated “God” to “Allah”. In Arabic, the word “God” is “Allah”, it’s just the translation of that word. If they are going to get mad about that, then why not start getting upset every Latino man named Jesus (pronounced “Hey Zues”)! It’s basically the same thing.

The second part of the argument is that saying the Pledge in Arabic in unpatriotic. When are languages the staple for what fundamentalists believe? If Arabic is now going to represent the Fundamentalist Muslim groups then I guess English represents the Fundamentalist Catholics & Christians and all of their crazy thoughts. Languages don’t discern your beliefs, they never have. Even India, a country that has too many languages to count, doesn’t judge people by what they speak, but rather where they are from. And if that’s the case shouldn’t we also get on the case of the French and Spanish translations. I mean do we really need the suave Spaniards learning the Pledge in their language reciting in bars and getting American women because of it? And the French are basically cowards and borderline Canadian. If there is such a big issue in which language the Pledge was recited in then, the Spanish and French classes in high school should be removed and all Linguist programs from colleges should be removed.

As Principal Lopez said, Languages are just vehicles. It really doesn’t matter what language you speak but what actions you take and what words you speak with that language. So the people complaining about this matter and sending threatening messages to Principal Lopez are not better those Fundamentalist that spew hate speak against America and Israel. So be sure to consider that before you send another letter to someone that wants to embrace other cultures and races.