A Huge Thank You!

I want to thank each and every person that came out to the show on May 24th, 2013 at Club Cafe to watch me perform an hour! It means a whole lot to me that everyone came out and enjoyed the whole show! A huge thanks to my LaRoche friends for coming out and always supporting me in my Comedy Endeavors. Also another huge thanks to the folks at Pittsburgh NORML for supporting & promoting the show and my Comedy.

The show was a large mile marker for me. It was officially the longest I’ve been on stage. In previous years, I’ve done 45 minutes but this was whole another animal, and I’m very happy with the way it went. I couldn’t be happier to share the evening my good friends, Zach Funk, John Ralich and Dan Jenniches, who all did awesome! For the first hour that I’ve ever done this was a great experience and I learned a whole lot on how to keep the audience going and building a narrative for the whole show. At this point, there’s about 30 minutes of the hour that has officially been retired with that show. Most of the family, personal relationship and some of the self deprecating material was sent off that night. I’m fairly happy with the send off for that chunk of material.

Once again, I can’t begin to thank the folks that came out and for all the people that have supported my comedy thus far. I’m also taken back by all the kind words from some of the comics as well. There’s a lot more coming and I’m excited in the direction I’m taking in my writing. I hope to see you guys again at future shows! I love you all!