Really? Another Moment in the Insane Use of the Race Card

Gubernatorial candidate of the Commonwealth of Virginia, E.W. Jackson, a preacher has come out and said that Planned Parenthood has been more harmful to the African-American community than the KKK. Really? Comparing an organization that promotes sexual education to a clearly racist group of people that not only racially but also religiously persecuted various communities is like saying eating Sunflower seeds is directly responsible for destroying parts of the rainforest. Planned Parenthood is about promoting proper sexual health, while the KKK is out to destroy all other races in the world. Literally the opposite of what Planned Parenthood does. This is the worst use of the Race Card since I tried to convince TSA I need my Pantene ProV because that’s only shampoo for brown people. I’m revoking E.W. Jackson’s race card for the reset of the time he is running. Boom! Revoked!