The Devil’s Greatest Trick

Huzzah! According to the Washington Post, Higher Income earners are earning even more because of the 16% increase to the stock market this year. Don’t you worry Middle and Lower income earners, the Post has you covered as well. Because gas prices are falling we’ve becoming richer too! Take those savings and buy yourself a cake, because that’s really how much you saved. This is one of the most patronizing reports to Middle & Lower class citizens. This like when the older sibling scores super high on the SATs and the parents congratulate them with a party and look and the other two and go “Oh yeah…you guys….uh…really great job on those cat drawings. We’ll put that up on the refrigerator!”

Despite the condescendingly great news from the Washington Post, there are still a lot of concerns and inequalities in wages in many corporations; one of them being Walmart. Walmart has been under fire for having low wages for a while now and the this has pushed things over the edge by the factory collapse in Bangladesh. But despite all that Walmart says that ain’t so. According to Walmart: “All employees — full and part time — receive quarterly bonus opportunities based on store performance…A fact we are most proud of is that 75% of our store management teams started as hourly associates, and they earn between $50,000 and $170,000 a year — similar to what firefighters, accountants, and even doctors make” Okay, so if Walmart store managers make as much as doctors, more Indian & Asian parents would be telling their kids to be Walmart store managers instead of doctors and computer engineers. But then again, the devil’s greatest trick was convincing the world he doesn’t exist. Also he turned a rabbit into a unicorn once, that was really cool. But then we all realized it was just a stupid Narwahl, he was banned from performing in Vegas ever again.

But back to Walmart! Now recently a Walmart employee, Vanessa Ferreria, was fired because she protested the fact that in 8 years of working there she was only making about $25k a year and didn’t have any great benefits and wanting better work conditions. She was allegedly let go because of extended breaks. They’re like the evil step mom who appears nice and wonderful in the public eye but bans smiling, laughter and bright colors in her household.

On the opposition is Costco, who has reported that their employees earn about $45k a year. Unlike the giant that eating the bones of its employees that Walmart is, Costco is the giant that paving new roads in bulk and selling them for a reasonable price to villagers. And the villages want to pave the roads for the giant because he’s got health care and better pay. I think even Asian parents can agree that being a manager at Costco isn’t all that bad if their kid fails Med School.