Comedy by the Bridge

This past Wednesday I was the feature on a show at Todd’s By the Bridge. It was a game night and I was incredibly early. So for the better part of the hour, I was reviewing a few sets and getting myself together for the show. I met with Todd who said we’ll be starting the show late due to the game, which I was fine with. By this time, the bar had a cleared out a bit, with about 10-15 people hanging out, getting drinks and watching the game.

At this point it’s about hour after the show was supposed to start, and the folks at the bar kept asking for Comedy. That was astounding. Todd introduced me and I walked up to the makeshift stage and just riffed on the situation to the people and the stage. The stage was absolutely incredible. It was one piece of pallet board, right next to a booth. It was absolutely fantastic! I did a lot more crowd work and weaved in and out of material. After almost 30 minutes of stage time I felt very good about the set and the material! I feel good about bringing new material into rotation.

Thanks to all the folks at Todd’s and Todd himself. I hope to back there soon.