2 for One: Deustchtown Music Festival & Improv Double Feature

New Show Announcement

On July 6th, I will be hosting 2 great shows. The first of which is the Main Stage at the Deustchtown Music Festival on Foreland Ave. at 2pm. This features a ton of great food and bands and is only one of many stages around the Northside! This show is to get the word out about the up & coming revitalized neighborhood of Northside and welcome more people to the events there.

After this show, I will be hosting the Improv Double Feature at the CLO Cabaret Theater in Downtown Pittsburgh. The show will feature Improv Duo, Hipsterpotomus and Improv Group, MidSeason Replacement. I’ve seen both these groups and they are hysterical. There shouldn’t be any reason to miss this great show!

Be sure to swing by to one or both these shows! Don’t miss them or you’ll regret it! See you at the show!