Fork Full of Noodles with Krish Mohan-06-Bullies and Tight Shirts

This episode focuses on the Orwellian and Fabioesque world that Abercrombie and Fitch promotes and how body image is tackled by them. 

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Bonus Content: The Ads and Campaigns from Abercrombie and Fitch

Fork Full of Noodles: Rants-Standing My Ground Against George Zimmerman

Written by: Krish Mohan & Derek Minto
Starring: Krish Mohan, Anna Gilchrist & Brett Goodnack
Ads Improvised by: Brett Goodnack, Anna Gilchrist and Krish Mohan
Directed by: Brando Martin & Krish Mohan
Graphics by: Krish Mohan
Music by: Max Somerville
Cinematography by: Brando Martin & Touchfaster Productions