Countries that Legalized Gay Marriage

England, 2012: The Queen gave her royal stamp to legalize Gay Marriage in England. This is not to be confused with the band Queen, who also gave their stamp of approval. The Gays of England have officially claimed stakes on all the LGBT folks from Ireland to India (#gayperalism).

Spain, 2005: Proving once again that gay people are way tougher than straight people for fighting and running with Bulls.

Canada, 2005: Goddammit, another thing Canada beat the States in (#gayeh?).

South Africa, 2006: First Apartied and now Gay Marriage! These guys are on a roll. Gayperalism can’t touch this!

Norway, 2009: Because they wanted a Norse God of Current Fashion Trends. “Really, Thor?! Still wearing armor and a helmet with wings in the 21st Century?”

Sweden, 2009: Because Norway did it. Perhaps Ikea will now be better organized and have all the pieces we need to make a real table.

New Zealand, 2010: To prove that are still part of our world, New Zealand decided to chime in on big social issue.

Argentina, 2010: Despite the Pope, this made it through!

Brazil (parts), 2012: Why should all the attention go to Argentina? Also, take that Giant, Possibly Fundamentalist, Jesus.

Uruguay, 2013: This one took too long and is too obvious.

Mexico (parts): Another reason for Texas to try and put up a wall.