HOSTING: Dr. Tom Baker Memorial Talent Showcase

New Show Announcement

I will be hosting the 2nd Annual Dr. Tom Baker Memorial Talent Showcase this year on August 12th at James St. Gastropub and Speakeasy. The show will feature Storytelling, Stand Up and Music and will start at 7pm. There is a Happy Hour party that starts at 6pm for everyone to mingle as well.

Storytellers-Theme: Leadership: Stories of Taking Charge and Empowerment

  1. Brian Gray
  2. Stacy Keene
  3. Zach Simons
  4. Derek Minto
  5. Alan Olifsan

Stand Up Comedians

  1. Isaac Kozell
  2. Tim Ross
  3. Ed Bailey
  4. Alex Stypula

See you at the show!


  1. Lindsay Smith
  2. Anissa Clay
  3. Max Somerville
  4. Cody Ciesielski & Keystone