End of the World Improv Show

New Show Announcement

I’m very excited to be a part this really unique Improv Show produced by Brian Gray.

THE END OF THE WORLD SHOW is a brand new take on the apocalypse. Prepare to be transformed (physically and mentally) into a creature from another planet, and view mankind from an outside eye.

In the not too distant future, an alien race has taken over Earth and are hell-bent on its destruction. A motley band of humans win an audience with the Alien Counsel to attempt to prove the emotional life, meaningful relationships and humor of mankind is worth saving!

Will they succeed? Will man be spared? It’s up to you! You act the part of the alien counsel as the performers play improv games to win you back toward sympathy with mankind.

The show features animation by Spencer Diaz, Imagineer at Disney Research and musical instruments by Eric Singer, Artistic Director at the League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots.

Performances the next four Fridays at 10pm: Aug 23, Aug 30, Sept 6, & Sept 13.