Adverse Reaction to the Manning Verdict

The Manning Verdict has brought out some outrage in people and for some people to “Well, he should’ve kept to himself.” But even worse some people are taking this opportunity to start accost future whistleblowers. Like the Church, who has just come out and said they won’t tolerate the any secrets revealed about church especially if involves sexual violence. Because nothing says “We are definitely not doing anything involving sexual violence or hiding secrets” like punishing those who haven’t said anything about your secrets yet. This will have adverse consequences to children as well. If Manning has been put away fro 136 years for telling the world what the Armed Forces were doing wrong, kids will be encouraged not to complain about bullies or any other wrong doings. This is also doing harm to the whistle industry. No one will be buying whistles since anyone that blows on one will be put in prison! All this makes no sense though. In this culture of oversharing and social media, why are we imprisoning someone who did the political version of what every 15-year does on daily basis. All Manning did was post his findings and what was troubling his conscience on the Facebook and Twitter of the Political World. If he gets sentenced to 136 years then the people that share photos of their food should share the same fate!