Storytelling, Comedy and Music for a Cause

This past month, I hosted 3 different types of shows in one show. It sounds crazy but it really wasn’t. It was the 2nd Annual Dr. Tom Baker Memorial Talent Showcase, and this year we featured 3 Storytellers, 4 Comedians and 4 Musicians/Bands. To differentiate this from last year’s show we added in the Storytelling and had just one host for the whole show. This helped to keep the show running smoothly and transition things from category to category.

The Storytelling section moved through with 3 great stories about Leadership. Brian, Zach and Derek captured the attention of the audience from the start. Even if the stories weren’t funny they very much engaging and conveyed each storyteller’s different points on being a leader.

The stand-ups did great, and even pushed the limits of the audience a bit. I will say I may have started that trend during my set. But each of the Comedians had the room rolling in laughter and kept the show in high spirits.

The final category was music, which I didn’t have much to do at this point. I didn’t sing a song since that horrifies me, but I kept the show moving forward.

The evening was huge success. I’m looking forward to the next year!