Ghost of Russian Homosexuality

Russia. The country of that’s best known for Bond Villains, the Golags, Communism and now more recently pretending Gay people are real. That’s right, Russia is denying that Gay people exist. Even if there are 2 dudes or 2 ladies just goin’ to town on each other in the cool Russian streets, Russian citizens just go, “There’s nothing there…It’s a ghost. It’s the Ghost of Lenin, angry about that the Cold War was a joke for the climate in Russia” Now denying Gay people exist is where America draws the line with Russia.

Hey, what about them imprisoning a bunch of businessmen for really no reason?
What? Ever heard of Wall Street? The film and the actual street. That’s the answer there. Next Question

Well how about them killing their citizens? That seems pretty messed up.
We do that sometimes too. Haha, I mean. What citizens? I mean, Can you really define citizen? I think we’re done here!

It is nice to see America getting angry at Russia over this issue, but we should also be getting angry at Putin for never wearing a shirt! The man boobs are perturbing but also, you live in Russia, you’re gonna get a chest cold brosef!