Lazy & Outdated Racism

Recently, residents of Virginia found something perturbing and disturbing on their lawns. They were fliers from the Ku Klux Klan telling them to “Support Gay Bashing” in order to “Stop Aids” and “Stop Race Mixing” and “Support the White Revolution.” It’s good to see that the Klan’s racism is still stuck in the 1980s. No body’s thought that gay people spread AIDS since 1989. I’m pretty when the calendar rolling into the 90’s there was a meeting called that said “Hey can we drop all this Gays spread AIDS thing? It’s kindda tacky. Also Plaid is now in!” They also refer to “Haitians” as “Mud People” which I’m pretty sure is a villain in a Marvel Comic Book. I’m sure their lawyer won’t be pleased.

Racism and Websites so go hand in hand apparently, because if you visit the Klan’s website, you’ll see that they are stuck in the days of Geocities and Angelfire sites. And if you don’t get that reference, Good! That means your racism is up to date and current. Racism, much like the iPhone, changes every 1-2 years and apparently the Klan thinks it’s not important to stay on par with that. Probably because the Black iPhone sells better than the white one.

Terrible KKK Flyer

This flyer is not very catch either. If I were bigot, I wouldn’t want to put this up on my fridge. This looks like a Racist Slide to a High School Presentation about “How to fail at being Racist!” Where did they get that emoticon? I know Microsoft didn’t release a Bigotry package of Word anytime, but then again if they did the dated racism references and glitchy personalities would make sense. Also, does the Klan not have any rulers to straighten out the main part of their message in “Supporting the White cause”? This makes the Klan look bad and sort of cheap, almost like they are phoning in their Racism. That’s just sad…sort of.