The Shutdown!

Much like a struggling PC after 2 hours of solid work, the Government has shut down for no real reason. Oh wait, there is a reason…Obamacare, and the fact that nobody really knows the meaning of word Socialism, especially Boehner and the GOP. So now the government is shut down bringing upon a slew of problems.

First and foremost, there’s the loss of 800,000 jobs. This officially takes the “Job Creators” argument of the Republicans. Because of their inability to make decisions jobs and now gone and so is the hope of the GOP to be the really be the “Government of the People”.

There’s also the loss of national museums and parks across the country. This is great because now the U.S. can not only be 23rd in Math but also in American History. With the closure of parks, the obesity rates is going to rise. There will be more chubby kids in classes; this gets rid of bullies and the drive for bullied kids to be better to prove their classmates wrong. Hence continuing to contribute to our low test scores, pushing us to be 35th in Math and American History.

With the Labor Department gone, there will no worker safety, so if you work in the warehouse or office and throw your back out you’ll be treated like a wounded gazelle in the hot sarenghetti; Although, if you work in a cubicle and throw your back out, you probably deserve to be eaten by the office cheetah.

Let’s hope the world doesn’t break into a “Contagion” or “Quarantine” type of situation because the CDC is shutdown and there won’t any containment.

With all this happening all at once the government is going to be the cause of some sort Zombie or End of the World situation. The scenarios created in “The Road” will be our future! Way to go, Boehner, you’re going to make everyone question why they ever trusted you and why we entered that theater!