Separation of Church & State-Second that Motion

Trouble is stirring in the East & the West in the name of Religion! The town of Greece in New York has been in a legal battle for several year over the use of Christian prayers in the beginning of all their city council meetings and now the town of Pismo Beach in California. Is this a blatant breaking of the separation of Church and State? Hell yes! Bur more importantly, God is going to get sick of constantly getting prayed to for inane things!

Oh dear lord and savior Jesus Christ! We need your guidance on whether or not there needs be a 4 way stop sign on the intersection of 4th and Main?!

The lord responds, “I don’t care! Daddammit, fine yes! That way less people die and I do less work!

Oh dear lord and savior Jesus Christ! Should we instate a curfew so that youngster and hoodlums aren’t conducting in illegal activities and pre-marital sex?!

The lord responds, “Really?! This is the kind of crap that gives us a bad wrap guys! Sex is supposed to be fun not horrifying! I just want to read Peter’s statuses on Facebook but you guys keep interrupting!

Oh dear lord and savior Jesus Christ! Should Mrs. Smith bake cookies or brownies for the Library bake sale?!

The lord responds, “Brownies, duh!

One of the arguments made in the case of the Town of Greece was that if there are going to blatantly Christian prayers then there must be prayers made for Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus and so on. That’s great and progressive, but nothing will get done and the whole meeting will be just prayers and no one will get to leave. The minutes of that meeting with becoming this insane amalgam of various religions that may or may not cause the axis of the Earth to shift.

Both of these are major lawsuits. The one is Pismo Beach is from the Freedom From Religion Foundation and the suit in Greece is in the hands of Supreme Court. The argument is really about the separation of Church and State, which should be separate. 2 things that make that little sense should never be put together. The universe can implode on itself on the sheer fact that all the logic will be sucked out of the plane of existence.

The ultimate point here is that there shouldn’t any sort of praying going on in City Council meetings. Those meetings should open up “Okay, looks like we got some problems, lets vote on it and see who’s going to have problem with everything that we want to fix. We’re looking at you Mr. Paulson!

Meeting Adjourned.