Turning 25

About a week or so ago, I turned 25. This worries me and sends me into a twirl of anxiety because, I’m closing in on 30. Now I’m not afraid to turn 30 because of it old or I’m approaching a midlife crisis. It’s mostly because I’m skinny now, but my fear is that once I turn 30 and eat one piece of cake, I’ll get a beer gut, my hair will fall out, I’ll need cataract surgery and get arthritis all at once. Because of these thoughts I’m going through my midlife crisis now.

But enough about that. To celebrate my 25th birthday, I wanted to put on a show. And there was no better place than the Corner Cafe on the Southside Slopes. This was a blast and everyone had killer sets! I cant thank Cason, Zach, Molly, Ray, Derek & Tommy for being on that show and kicking ass! I want to send a big thanks to everyone that came out to support the show and celebrate with me including my teammates from Almost Infamous! This is the only way I want to celebrate my birthdays, with my good friends, my lady and the stage. With that said, maybe I shouldn’t be asking senior discount at breakfast and enjoy by break in Car Insurance.