Password for Children is a WPA2-Personal One

Anti LGBT Activist, Chaplin Gordon James Klingenschmitt, says that homosexuals only want the right to get married to “gain access to children” and to “recruit” them. First of all, just because “Don’t ask Don’t tell” was repealed doesn’t mean that now there’s going to be a Gay Army! And if there was don’t you think they’d use similar tactics as the regular Army. Hit up colleges and go after confused and experimenting College Kids rather than young insubordinate ones. They can easily entice them with bright colors and those very convincing “It Gets Better” videos. If the Homosexual community wanted recruit more people, they could very easily do it because it’s the most casual experience they can offer. “Hey, do you want to be like everyone else? Enjoy the things that everyone else does? Do you enjoy being sassy and right about fashion like 98% of the time?  How ‘bout colors? Do you like ALL of them? Then join the LGBT Army of Awesome Good Times and Fun Happy Things! No down payments. No guilt.”

Klingenschmitt says they want “access to children” like they were a wifi password. I’m pretty they can still adopt kids. If a single parent can adopt a kid I think a Gay Couple is good to go.  His argument continues that the reason why he believes in “traditional” marriage is because we were it exists to continue the human race. I guess he can use that rationale for why 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom were so popular, because they were about repopulation! Besides, there’s 7 billion humans on this planet, I think if we stop reproducing for like a year, it’ll balance things out! So let the LGBT communities adopt as many kids as they can. Maybe they’ll show them how to protect themselves and have fun during sex and not have it about repopulation.

Klingenschmitt is worried that because of adoption there’ll be more LGBT’s in the world. But gay people can’t reproduce, Klingenschmitt will agree on that. So the people that make gay people are straight people, hence for he shouldn’t be so against the idea of Gay Marriage but against idea of having sex for reproduction!