Gap, Cash Cab & Racism

Racism in this country keeps getting lazier and lazier! Most recently on a Gap Poster featuring Sikh model Waris Ahluwalia, that was placed in a subway, as part of Gap’s “Make Love” campaign. The poster was defaced by a lazy bigot that said “Stop Driving Taxis” First of all can we all agree that since “Cash Cab” took off that there are way more White Dudes driving cabs than brown dudes! That show changed the cabbing industry forever! I can’t tell you how many times I got into a cab and there’s a white guy trying to quiz me to a discount on my ride! Hey man, I just want to get to the strip club in peace. I need to mentally prep myself to pay way more drinks and see breasts I can’t touch, and your annoying trivia isn’t helping.

Also the word “Love” was changed to “Bombs”. Okay well this is simple, remember Timothy McVeigh? Argument closed.

But Gap stood by their ad against this (I’ll say it again) lazy form of racism. Gap took action and even changed their twitter background to the ad. Which in today’s day and age is like punching a racist right in the mouth with a very black fist, possibly from an old Karate movie (preference “Enter the Dragon”). I for one am very glad that Gap stood by their brand and push for diversity. Perhaps now their clothes will get some cultural flair and their jeans will make me look like I have a butt.