War on Christmas

The War on Christmas is on and it’s happening in full swing! The first and foremost, the American Atheists Inc. says they want the ‘Christ’ to be removed from Christmas. David Silverman does have a point about the living out the sprit of the holiday rather than incorporating religion into it. Besides with how simple Jesus was and how he kept saying “Let the meek inherit the earth” he really wouldn’t want to have such lavish gifts, lights and decorations all over the place. The point Silverman is making is that the name should have connection to religion but the idea of giving, loving and family that holiday is about. But they don’t something pansy to replace it like “Happy Holidays” or “Happy Happy Joy Joy Day”, but “Xmas”. Because nothing says I celebrate how awesome it is to have you in my life than a giant X! Here are few suggestions for Mr. Silverman for an alternative name for Christmas.

  •  Magic Fat Man Day
  • “This is Nice but I wanted to the Blue One” Day
  • Indoor Lumber Day
  • It’s Really About the Winter Solstice Day

Along with this, Canada is trying to claim the North Pole, presumably where Santa lives, for themselves! Canada claiming the North Pole will mean that Santa and all his workers will be Canadian. Getting socialized healthcare, being super polite, sharing things with countries that constantly shit on them, literally turning the other cheek…Shit! Santa’s already Canadian!