Inspired by Clinton

Bill Clinton recently said that he never denied that he used marijuana. In fact back in the day, which in this case is the 90s, he claimed that he did “experiment” with marijuana when he was England, but didn’t like it. Since then, there have various confessions of ex-presidents that have come out and said they’ve tried some Marijuana.

Oh I was well into adulthood in the sixties, so of course I had tried a few hits of the Kush. Pardon the slang, it’s what we called it in those days,” recounts President Jimmy Carter.

There were tapes found of Gerald Ford that recount his experience with pot.

Ford: Hey, Murphy, so what’s with that green bush in the back garden? I got a little wiff, and had to cook it. Man, what a little spice that thing added to my pasta sauce! Although I can’t remember a lot of what happened last night.

Murphy: Sir, that was my special garden. I hope you didn’t use any more of those…spices

Ford: Ah hell, I only put in the brownies I baked up this afternoon. I couldn’t resist I had to have 2 of them! Hey have I ever told you about my the single assassin theory.

Ulysses S. Grant talks about smoking in his journals.

It’s early morn, and I have not touched the drink, but I am quite elevated. My senses are a new! Glory be to my good wife’s breakfast! Pancakes that tasted like the heavens themselves; syrup so thick and sweet I want the rivers to run with them! Only if the Confederate swine of the war had tasted some of these they would’ve forgotten of their ill minded bigotry. Hey! Maybe the whiskey tastes sweeter too! I better head down to the ol’ saloon.

We also as George H.W. Bush about his exploits. “Drugs?!” he exclaimed, “Definite drugs! Oh man, one time my good buddy, Charlie and I found some Me-hi-canos and got some of the sweet white stuff. They called the Snow Globe. We did 2 lines off a Donkey’s ass and let me tell you, we were up in the air faster Sandra Bullock in that Gravity movie!

This went on for several hours.