Limbaugh’s Words of Wisdom

Rush Limbaugh comes out with words of wisdom yet again. Oh did I say words of wisdom? My mistake it’s more like things no human should ever utter! This time he’s going after Liberals who believe that women shouldn’t be oogled all the time and should be respected as people. Limbaugh believes that it’s part our nature to treat women this way. Obviously Rush has failed his history, archaeology and biology classes. No where in the history of mankind has mate been picked because of their breast…unless you’re speaking about Tommy Lee or Donald Trump, aka super classy humans.

Rush tells men that when they are checking out a woman they should go up them and say “Will you please ask your breasts to stop looking at my eyes” To which women can respond to “As long as your testicles can stop repeatedly crashing into my knee, over and over and over and over again!