The DC Run

A little while back I was in the Washington DC area for comedy. I love heading to the DC/MD/NOVA area for comedy. The scene is incredibly talented and spans from Baltimore down into Fredericksburg and revolves around the DC area. I had an absolute blast at these shows and met some great people.

LYGO DC‘s Wake N Bacon: This was a fun show! I opened the show for a smaller crowd eating some delicious food. My set went over pretty well. This is an afternoon show Brunch show which normally wouldn’t be ideal but this show works. The shades get drawn, the liquor gets pour and spot light is lit on a small stage. This works well for me since I don’t overly move around a lot. I had a fun set with a small crowd that was excited for Comedy. Damo Hicks and Matty Litwack crushed it that night and had me rolling!

The Roast of Jesus Christ at Hightopps: This was a fairly blasphemous show, but I’m a fairly blasphemous guy so it all worked out! I played the Easter Bunny and chose to play him as a very dry, psuedo Italian mobster character that knew Jesus back in the college days. But I was only one of the ridiculous characters. The night included Satan, the Virgin Mary, God and so much more. Each character was written for very well and very hysterical!

Underground Comedy at the Townhouse Tavern: I love this room! It’s run by Sean Joyce, who is originally from Pittsburgh but started comedy in DC. It’s the basement of a bar in the middle of a row of apartments in DC. The room is small and tight! You don’t need a lot of equipment and the room gets packed quick! The show is set up to have some DC’s best go up and kick off the show and the have some newer guys that are working things out. That night it took a while for the room get up to speed to but I still had a blast. Most of the material went over pretty well. I just really enjoy being in that room!

I’m looking forward to the next time I head down there and hope to be a fixture of that scene in the future! On to 2014!