The Adorable Satanist Agenda

A group of Satanists from New York have unveiled a statue to be put in the Capitol of Oklahoma. It is of a Goat Headed Satan sitting in a chair with a Pentagram with 2 kids next to him, smiling. Satan in this form has a beard and a shawl across his lap and seems to be teaching the kids something nice.


Before I even get into the crux of the matter, that is the cutest Satan I’ve ever seen. He’s like a Personified Billy Goat, that comes into my house eating up all the empty cans of soup, beans and beer and just cleanin’ up the place. Maybe he reads me a story and then flies out the window! That’s what this Satan looks like to me. The reason this statue is being proposed is because Oklahoma decided to put up a statue of the 10 Commandments on their Capitol.

But there a several people in the state of Oklahoma, that don’t this up, like Rep. Mike Ritze, who says that Satanists shouldn’t be treated like other religions like Christianity. The message that Lucien Graves, the leader of this section of Satanism, is about loving and learning from all of the creatures on the planet, not to cause the apocalypse and unleash all the flames from hell. Perhaps this is a note the Christians and Catholics should take.  Instead of trying to scare the love of God of into kids, but show them that it nice and warm and they should love everyone.

And, I don’t think anyone will be treating Satanist like Christians, despite their similarities. Both Christianity and Satanism have different factions of their religions, some kept private, some open to the public. Both have different ways of practice the faith and sometimes are done as an act of defiance. Of course, listening to Heavy Metal in the name of the Dark Prince is way cooler than listening to Garth Brooks in the name of the Lord. They both practice to pretty much fictional characters. So to say that Satanism isn’t a religion and they have the same rights as Christians do to practice their faith is down right bogus!

So I say Hail that adorable Satan and his hippie wishes.