Less than silence at the Library

This past Friday, I had the opportunity to Headline at the Shaler North Hills Library. This was a great show! Zach Funk hosted and kicked of the show, with Cason Male as the opener. Ray Zawodni featured and I closed the show down with about 45 minutes of material. I was able to do a few new stories, which over pretty well. They were a fun crowd but a little hard to gauge as to what their limit was. Normally, I don’t get dirty, but I do one or two stories in the dirty realm. But for the most part they loved it, but they went silent at few other areas of stories that weren’t that dirty. But I had my rhythm it was really great. Zach had a bit of tough time up front but that was mostly because the mic wasn’t on. Cason got them into the show but it took them a few minutes. By the time Ray got on, they were on board and laughing. I’ve started to a fair amount of crowd work and that was night was not an exception. I may or may not have ruined date night for couple. I want to think I brought them closer by telling the man to hold his lady’s hand. But as both Ray and I found out, they loved when we got mean.

All in all this was great show! I had a blast with the crowd! I had just as much Headlining at this that I did at LaRoche back in August! I’m hoping to back in the area soon and help out the Library again in future!