The Woodish Premiere!

Recently, my Improv Duo with Woody Drennan premiered at the Arcade Comedy Theater, opening for Travis Irvine. The set went over well, and there a decent amount of laughs but Woody and I felt like we weren’t in form on that show. In practice we always focused on the relationship between the characters and not the jokes we can make. The show, we felt, was too hinged on the idea of making jokes and light of the situation presented. After that the second was all stand and I felt like I was off that night in this respect as well. My pacing was a little faster and I was running through the laughs.

After that we headed off to Friday Nite Improvs at the Studio Theater at the University of Pittsburgh. We had an awesome set here! We focused in on the characters wants and didn’t reach for the jokes. We just played of each of each other and let the jokes come to us. We had a grounded set and the kids loved it! It was absolute blast. We are definitely looking forward to the next one.