PETA & the Puppy Bowl

There’s an argument heating up in the world of sports that is catching fire all over the media cycles. PETA is pushing against the Puppy Bowl. They say that the puppies are not being treated fairly for their services. The pups want to treated fairly and compensated for what they do the sake of entertainment. They get tired paws, knee damage, tail spins and snout failure. A lot of people say that this is going to benefit the dogs. Dog Breeders all across the country say this will teach the pups better discipline and help them function within a home with their future owners. There is still a major push for compensation for the dogs, like a puppy chow, chew toys and a gold water bowl. But the networks and sponsors that push the Puppy Bowl have said, money corrupts and the integrity of the puppy bowl is for entertainment and enrichment of the young dogs.