Breakdown for Immigration Reform

The House Republicans are saying there’s not solution to the Immigration Reform Bill this year, because of the various difference between what the Democrats want and the Republicans want to stomp. The GOP wants to take a step by step approach that’ll fix the system in a matter of decade or 2 and the Dems want a comprehensive bill that’ll take action soon. Let’s look at this step by step action:

Border Security and Interior Enforcement Must Come First: AKA “Hey remember that giant wall idea were talking about?” As for Interior Enforcement, the TSA is taking care of that. Clearly none of these Republicans have taken an international trip to a different country and back in the last decade. International Airports have become the similar to the set of the “Usual Suspects” rather than “Welcome Home”

Implement Entry-Exit Visa Tracking System: Give this to the NSA, they’ll have this up and running in no time. Then they can justify why they are spying on other countries.

Employment Verification and Workplace Enforcement: This is just going to mean more specific question for the “voluntary” identification portion of the application. Click the box “Asian” then what kind of Asian?  What province of said country? What city of said country? On this paint scale what color of brown are you? This is also saying “we aren’t going to give you a path to citizenship and thanks for the work you did that none of the lazy white people wanted to do, now get out!

Reforms to the Legal Immigration System: By reform this just means they are adding more waiting rooms at Immigration facilities.

Youth: Remember the days when we used to say “Children are the future!” According to the Republicans this is more of a “If we have time we’ll get to the children. Besides those immigrants just keep makin’ more right?!

Individuals Living Outside the Rule of Law: I wasn’t aware that all comic book heroes were being considered in this bill. The biggest question I have is does Captain America get a path to citizenship or does he have to reapply?

The House Republicans like to claim that we are awarding these immigrants a path to citizenship, but what they don’t seem to see is the fact that they’ve been doing at work contributing to this country for years and because the system was so broken they couldn’t go through getting their citizenship the legal way. Besides it’s most likely that the immigrants would pass the Citizenship test over Boehner over any house Republican.