Give Me Liberty or Give me Comedy

Last month I had the opportunity to perform at the Irish Pol in Philadelphia PA. This was a super fun show. The room is small, with a stage right by a wall. The audience is all around you, and sets up a very intimate show. This crowd was great! They were open and crazy warm. I had a blast with on this show and got to work out some of the newer material on rotation. I’m excited to return to Philly after an experience like that!

I also had a the opportunity to open for Adam Dodd at Little Havana in Baltimore. This was part of the weekly open mic with a feature and headliner hosted by Jon Yeager! Jon’s a fast,  witty comedian that keeps the energy of the room moving! This was another intimate little room in the back of a Cuban Restaurant. I had a blast with a crowd that started a little timid. But by the time I came on they were great! Adam Dodd did really well despite his vocals blown out as well!

I’m looking forward to my return to Baltimore and Philadelphia soon!