Caffeine & Climate Change

Climate change is causing a lot of alarm these days. From droughts to extremes in  weather to the alarming increase in pollen count to rise of sea levels. The worst of these will be the extinction of the Arabica bean, which is the primary bean that is used to make a lot of the coffees in the world. This would be a real tragedy.

This doesn’t just affect a caffeine addict like myself, but this would affect everyone worldwide. This beverage has been bastardized several times over with those that flavor shots, whip cream, chocolate bits, cinnamon, and anything else teenage girls add to to sweeten the drink of kings. But when drank in it’s purest state of black coffee, espresso or even a latte, it becomes the drink of the sophisticated. Coffee has been symbol of the go getter, the person that gets what they want, the successful one.

As the climate change becomes more drastic this lifestyle goes extinct with the bean itself. Not only will there be lazier people who will drink energy drinks instead, there will also be decline in health. Coffee is proven to be good for your liver, it boosts endorphins in your brain and helps you think faster & makes you more creative. Sure this sounds the same argument a crack addict makes about crack but come time for the extinction of the bean. Drunks won’t be able to depend on the bean to save their headaches and prevent their degradation of their liver.

Besides when the coffee is long gone, what do people expect to drink in the morning? Tea? That’s the most un-American thing I’ve ever heard of! Did the Boston Tea Party mean nothing! So if there is any reason to work towards a safer environment, it should be for the sweet dark bean and those who lost their lives at the Boston Tea Party.