CMU’s Engineering Department meets Almost Infamous!

Earlier in April I had the tremendous honor to perform at Carnegie Melon University’s Engineering Department with my team Almost Infamous! I’ll be honest I was a bit concerned as I walked into the classroom that was to be our performance space. But this was one of the most fun shows that I’ve been a part of! There were a great tight knit group of students that scattered across the room. I went down to the front of the room and acted as the host for the whole show. The full Almost Infamous show is 3 Stand-Up Sets followed by the closing set from Infamous.

I had a pretty decent set to start the show. Without a microphone I tend to move around a more and motion with my hands much more. But with a smaller group I think it helped them pay attention a bit more because I had to direct my voice it made them pay a bit more attention. Ray kept the energy as he always does, followed by Cason, who is a CMU alumni. Cason had a great set chalk full of engineering & CMU jokes that got them howling. It was great to see him geek out at his alumni school! The improv set went great! They were all very much into the set that included, Kale, Weights, KFC, a Murder plot and a victorious ending!

I’m hoping that Infamous will get invited back to perform for this great group of kids again in the future!