Militia & NRA take on Ferguson

Satire by Comedian Krish Mohan

Lansing MI—The Michigan Militia bears its arms and prepares to head down to Ferguson, MO to help the people of the small after the recent violence from the local police department in Riot gear.

This is exactly what we were waiting for,” says Charles Travino, “If the local police is going to militarize themselves, the people need to have someone to help them! That’s what we are here for. The local government of Missouri needs to know that the citizens of their communities can’t be bullied.

Travino explained that the Militia’s plan wasn’t to intimidate or fight the police in Ferguson, which is no longer in charge of security in the city, but to set up a Militia in the city. This would be to make sure the police know that there is someone watching them at all times and if they commit crimes, the Militia takes over jurisdiction.

Who watches the Watchemen, right?” continues Travino, “Cops won’t bully or shoot innocent folks if they know they have a Militia watching them at all times. We want to ensure that this sort of thing won’t happen ever again, and if it does there’s someone on the side of the citizens that peacefully protesting.

When Travino was asked who would be watching them, he said the citizens will their watch guard. But the Michigan Militia isn’t the only one trying to help in this situation. The NRA has stepped up to as well.

We are planning to arm the hell out of the citizens of small towns like Ferguson across America,” says Troy Barker, an NRA representative, “ We want to ensure in cases where this militarized police starts acting up the citizens can also be properly armed to defend themselves. We’re also working on armed gear for reporters who are going into heavily armed zones like a small American city. Like a pen, but it’s also a tranquilizer dart, or a neuro-inhibitor or notepad that hides a small derringer in it to fire at close range if their life is threatened. We are trying to revolutionize safety in upcoming revolution in the country.

In the end both Travino and Baker were just concerned as to why the police looked like a military force rather a force good & justice that were there to protect to the folks of a small community.