The Mystery of the Stonehenge is Solved!

Satire by Comedian Krish Mohan

For ages the Stonehenge in Britain has been a great source of mystery. Various large stones have been placed in a distinct pattern that no one understands…until now! Scientist and Archeologists have discovered 15 undiscovered and misunderstood blocks under the Stonehenge has contributed to solving the mystery.

It’s the world’s first bar,” says Sir Dr. Pembridge, “The rocks that placed are load bearing rocks that housed a really nice establishment. The underground blocks are actually cooling blocks for the cellar.

Sir Dr. Pembridge goes on to say the stones are perfect for cooling drinks. The rocks would decrease in temperature and help cool of the alcoholic beverage choice of the past. He goes on to say the humans of this time would’ve drank a highly potent mix of wine and beer that would send even the most experienced drinkers of today’s age into a raging bender.

The architecture is actually genius,” continues Sir Dr. Pembridge, “The ways the stones are placed and with the addition of the surrounding walls the acoustics of the bar would’ve been perfect for all sorts of entertainment like music, comedy, theater and more!

Since this information was revealed, Bars all across England are going through a renovation to emulate the architecture of the Stonehenge. Of course this means that hundreds of bars are going to close down, but the owners aren’t worried.

I know our customers are worried and will probably go other places to drink,” says Luther Arthur Hunter, owner of the Lazy Fox Under the Rox, “But we’re thinking long term. If the Stonehenge was able to stand for centuries with that architecture think of how long the Lazy Fox Under the Rox will stand if it emulates that! Then people will remember the Lazy Fox for generations! That’s real legacy of the Stonehenge!