Debt Auctioned

Commentary by Comedian Krish Mohan

In the last few years, the Student Debt from for-profit schools have gotten from bad to worse. Now that schools like Corinthians have gone bankrupt the student’s debts are being sold off to private collection agencies to pennies to a dollar. It’s like some of Black Market Auction, where each bid holds the key to your financial future.

We got debt here $3.8 mill for a culinary school selling for $20, do I see a $20, I got $20, anyone got $25? $25? $20 going once going twice, debt sold to the scary private debt collector with the briefcase and sunglasses in the corner of the room! Next up we got the dignity of an Art school student!

Who will save these kids from the horrors of constant phone calls, threats, dinners interrupted and distraught wrinkle lines? The Debt Collective! An organization that strikes down these debt collectors, like a vigilante on fire, and buy out the debts and cancels them. So far they’ve canceled $4 million in debt. This will of course brew up an evil league of private debt collectors called, the Legion of Doom…wait that’s taken…The Cobra Commanders….dammit also taken…how a Group of Life Ruiners. That’s pretty good.

Student debt continues to be a problem. Kids borrow more and more money as the price of education goes up. Student Loans are the only thing Satan or God can’t erase. They don’t’ have the jurisdiction. The only thing we can do is hope that Debt Collective can come in and save the day in reducing the amount of future debt. I can already see the cover of the comic book.